Don’t Say a Word

Despite its surprisingly creepy climax, ‘Don’t Say a Word’ manages to simply retain its’ appeal as a finite thriller that does not thrill as much as it over dramatizes. Michael Douglas plays a prominent New York Psychologist who must unravel a 6-digit figure withheld by one of his most difficult patients in an attempt to save his daughter from the clutches of evil kidnappers.

From its promising opening of a botched robbery, the film does take its time to unravel and create some depth all the while making us understand and soaking us in the love this prominent figure has for his wife and his child. Director Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls, Impostor) has not had an impact on the thriller genre and must make another attempt at delivering a great thriller. His previous films have been mediocre creations and this thriller is no different. One astounding note in the film pertains to the casting of a young Brittany Murphy (Sidewalks of New York, Summer Catch) as the disillusioned patient who possesses a key secret at getting back what the kidnappers must acquire.

Besides some pretty camera work and the monotonous and formulaic routine of a typical thriller, e.g. the 5 p.m. deadline – or she dies… the film never really seems to lift itself from its’ own mediocrity. Sean Bean plays his typical role as a villain hell-bent on getting what he wants and will go to any length to get it, unfortunately, the audience has already digested this typical villain and he as an actor does not bring anything refreshing to the film.

The film is well done and will pass two hours for a viewer easily, yet as a thriller it fails to thrill the audience. How haunting is it to have one’s daughter in the hands of a stranger? Douglas as our father figure does his best at comforting his bed-stricken wife (Famke Jansen) and taking matters into his own hands. He also manages his typical delivery where he pauses and reflects between each uttered phrase, but even he is getting repetitive at these films. The film does not capture the intensity that such a situation would create.

Douglas seems perfectly cast as the prominent figure as audiences have internally come to associate him with difficult situations. Furthermore, who better to play this role as a pondering, ‘balls out’ Doctor who wants to save his daughter? Director Fleder relies on a formulaic approach in hopes of redeeming a tired and antiquated script. As for the characters that are embedded within the film, it seems to incorporate characters that seem strewn in simply to deter our thought patterns in unravelling this film. Note: was that female Detective really necessary; and did she have to be that mean?

The only promising moment of the film was the climax in which point I could have solidified the labelling the film as a formulaic thriller. An abandoned graveyard and decomposed corpses catalytically launch the film into an area of the formula for all formulaic thrillers. It's only satisfying attribute was the horrible death one of the characters would endure.

The film must be respected for it’s ambitiousness, but it is clear that Director Fleder had made it a point to rely on his inefficient directing skills when tackling this weak script. It definitely had potential but fell apart at the midway point when the audience knew that the film would not deliver the expected thrills promised.

This was an intense one. We have more in-depth articles at Hollywood Insider that you will definitely enjoy, so head over there and check them out.

Fast & Furious

Rumble your engines, tune up your cars … Ready, Steady … GO! Fast & Furious is here in 2009 with a brand new addition to the series and the action goes back to LA and we have both main characters on screen again Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner. The movie starts with Dominic’s crazy plans by high jacking liquid money (petrol) in a daring and crazy to say at least scene; with all the gang present there and his lovely Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, the women 20% angel 80% demon who isn’t scared to get her nails dirty. Sadly the fairy tale ends here since the trail on Dominic is hot and a lot of people are looking for him, he decides that everyone on the team should go as far away from him until the heat blows off.

Everything was ok until Dominic gets a phone call saying that Letty was killed; this is about the same time when agent Brian comes to picture with his investigation of a drug lord called Braga. You can imagine that their roads will come across one another’s and there will be a lot of sparks and flames from their encounters.

Vin Diesel playing perfect the role, acting like a loose cannon wanting revenge for his lost girlfriend having no pity or remorse for the one responsible, his meetings with Brian are tense and the lines between them are solid both expressing a unique point of view; Dominic wanting blood, the head of Braga and Brian wanting to bring down the drug cartel by locking up the drug lord and bringing him to justice. The story gets more and more exciting by the minute when both main characters go on a race head on to get a slot in Braga’s elite driving team, in their plan to infiltrate de organization to get to the leader. The race if fanatic and a frenzy settles in because its being held on open streets with the traffic running, no stops, no mercy which makes it even more interesting. The stunts are well made, not top notch because a lot of computer graphics were used and for a refined eye you can tell them apart but it’s enough to keep you on edge of your seat saying “He is not going to make it! He is not going to make it! ”. One more thing I feel that needs to be told is that contrary to Tokyo Drift and the rest of the series it seems the directors since they moved the action to USA wanted to make a more dominant accent of Muscle Cars then the Import ones, so expect to see many old model and new of American made models and a bit also of other firms like Mitsubishi, Honda and Nissan. Like always Dominic finally manages to repair the “beast” from his home, that car being described as “more of a curse then a blessing”.

In conclusion the movie is well made and will appeal to all race and action fans out there since Vin Diesel will never cease to be scary in these kind of movies. Go watch it, it’s a treat!

If you love reading action movie reviews, you can check out Hollywood Insider for more.


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